❌The following information is not allowed to be posted on servers of Retry.Host or distribution via Retry.Host services βŒ

1️⃣ Infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties, including infringing copyrights, patents, trademarks πŸ“›
2️⃣ Distribution of personal data of third parties πŸ“›
3️⃣ Containing deliberately malicious content, including viruses, Trojans, port scanning programs, bruteforce, stealers and the like πŸ“›
4️⃣ Distribution or promotion of child pornography, and use on the website of the words: kids, lolita, pedo, peta, peto, pre-teen, pedophile, underage, the child and their analogues in other languages in description, images, videos πŸ“›
5️⃣ Phishing πŸ“›
6️⃣ Flood πŸ“›
7️⃣ violence, racist material πŸ“›
8️⃣ Fraud in any form πŸ“›
9️⃣ Financial pyramid;
narcotic substances in accordance with Opium Law;
torrent trackers or search resources on them πŸ“›
πŸ”ŸCryptocurrency mining πŸ“›
1️⃣1️⃣ Streaming without a license πŸ“›
1️⃣2️⃣ Intimate services πŸ“›

βœ… The renewal of the services βœ…

1️⃣ The cost of server renewal may vary depending on the company's policy, as well as incoming traffic to the servers. πŸ“›

2️⃣ Retry.The host has the right to reject the server renewal, even after payment, if there are reasons for that. The funds will be returned to the client's personal account within 3 working days.πŸ“›

*Some servers may require an Administrator password, please contact technical support. πŸ“›

*When activating services, some server characteristics may not match. This is due to setting up new rates and connecting new hardware. Keep this in mind when purchasing services. πŸ“›

βœ… Refund of funds βœ…

1️⃣ You can get a refund if the server stopped working due to our fault. In other cases, no refund is made.

2️⃣ Servers stopped for violating the rules of use are not subject to monetary refund.

3️⃣ Refunds for virtual servers are made from 3 to 7 days, weekends and holidays are not taken into account.

4️⃣ Refunds for dedicated servers are made from 10 to 14 days, weekends and holidays are not taken into account.

5️⃣ A fee of 1,750 rubles is charged for the installation of a dedicated server, it is already included in the cost of a dedicated server. This amount is not refundable.

6️⃣ There is no refund for the RedLine Edition servers, you can always contact specialists to configure your server in the ticket on the website, or in Telegram @retry_host. Or request a server replacement.

7️⃣ Servers stopped for violation are not subject to refund;


The document may be changed and supplemented without the client's knowledge. The client himself is obliged to check the availability of an update of the contract.